Trader Joe’s Ube Tea Cookies Reviews

Ube Tea Cookies: 8/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 When these first came out I totally thought it was Ube cereal because of how the picture on the box looked! Anyone else?? 😂 I was a little sad because I’ve been waiting for more delicious cereals from #traderjoes but was still super excited to try these cookies. First off, they don’t quite look like they look on the box and I could hardly taste the Ube in them. Every year for Christmas my family makes what we call “moon cookies” that are almond shortbread cookies rolled in powder sugar, and these Ube cookies tasted EXACTLY like those! Basically just like a sweet, buttery cookie with powder sugar and a crunchy texture. I enjoyed these and found that the bite sized shape of them made them addicting and hard to stop eating. I would’ve liked a more pronounced ube flavor, but would buy these again for a tea party or picnic. Each box is $3.99.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

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