Trader Joe’s Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds Reviews

Candy Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds: 8/10

They’re BACK! Just in time for spring! 🌸🐣🐰 These candy coated chocolate almonds are so beautiful! They are the perfect pastel colors and are so lovely for spring time and Easter! They reminded me a lot of wedding almonds that I used to have growing up but with chocolate added inside. The center is an almond, covered with dark chocolate, and then a crunchy candy shell kind of like an M&m but thicker. I loved the taste of the candy shell combined with the layer of chocolate! These were also a hearty treat because the almond made them more filling. I enjoyed these a lot, but they aren’t my first choice for chocolate candies. I like the coconut, chocolate almonds even more! Each bag is $3.99.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think? 🐣

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