Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai Reviews

Chicken Shu Mai: 5/10

These chicken shu mai are bite sized chicken dumplings filled with chicken and veggies. I thought the flavor was pretty good overall, but I did not enjoy the texture of the chicken filling. The best way to describe it was sponge like. The texture reminded me exactly of the #traderjoes chicken Pelmeni filling which I also did not care for. These dumplings were also filled with green onions, carrots, and seasoning and I enjoyed the taste, but just couldn’t get past how everything was sponged together. Also, the sauce was a little too sweet for my taste and I ended up making my own spicy and sweet soy sauce to dip these dumplings into. But at 390 calories for the whole package and 33 grams of protein, this is a great and pretty filling meal. Its $2.99 for the pack.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?