Trader Joe’s Protein maple muffin Reviews

Protein maple muffin: 4/10

While this may be healthier than a real maple muffin, I don’t see myself re-purchasing this. It took about three minutes in the microwave to cook instead of the one it’s out on the back and even then I couldn’t tell if it was cooked all the way through because it was pretty rubbery. The overall flavor was pretty lackluster and not super sweet even with the added sugar. It had a very slight maple flavor to it, and I would’ve liked more. I preferred the chocolate one over this flavor! Each muffin cup is $1.99.

Which flavor will you try first: chocolate or maple?

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  1. I love that right when I walk in to work at Trader Joe’s I see the new items shelf and what attracted my attention more was the chocolate protein muffin. I personally microwave it for 60 seconds and it tastes delicious! Im going to buy tomorrow. Make it into a desert kind of muffin! Some ice cream and strawberries with chocolate syrup! P.s. i love when the batter is a little more liquidy cause it reminds me of melted chocolate. Just fill it a little past the line and then you’ll see!

  2. Thank you for posting this review. After reading it, I was a little bummed out but I knew this could be salvaged. I added a little baking powder to the mix before adding the water. I cooked it for an extra 20 seconds until it started to pull from the sides and the middle wasn’t shiny doughy anymore. With the adjustments it came out pretty good!

  3. Yes what @kellymblaine said, my cashier at my Trader Joe’s told me to follow the recipe like it says but to make them into pancakes instead. 1000% recommend. I did it on my page if you wanna check it out! 10000% recommend. It was WAY better.

  4. Currently eating this mess and I’m so disappointed lol came here to see if you had reviewed already and, low and behold, saaaaaame. 😂 Glad I only bought one of these but two of the chocolate. Haven’t tried that one yet but happy to know it’s much better. 👌🏼


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