Trader Joe’s Protein Dark Chocolate Muffin Reviews

Protein Dark Chocolate Muffin: 7.5/10

When I hear Trader Joe’s is marketing something with protein in the title, I’m very hopeful that it will be nutritious. This chocolate muffin would be more of a dessert replacement for me rather than a healthy protein to eat after a workout. It tasted like a chocolate mug cake rather than a muffin. I did enjoy the chocolate flavor overall and it had lots of melted chocolate throughout. It would be even better with a little drizzle of peanut butter on top! This muffin mix comes in a single serving container (which is convenient but a lot of packing for sure). Another thing to note; I found that the water line you were supposed to pour to was very hard to see. I felt like I was failing an eye exam trying to see if I had poured enough water or too much 😂 It’s $1.99 for each muffin.

What flavor did you like best? Chocolate or Maple??

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  1. Its so good! I added milk in mine and cooked it for 70 seconds. Then i let it cool down. SO GOOD! You dont even taste any protein. And it has chocolate chips. So its moist 😍😍😍


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