Trader Joe’s Cheese-less Cheesecake Reviews

Cheese-less Cheesecake: 9/10

Trader Joe’s does an amazing job offering dietary friendly products, and I was so excited to try this Cheese-less Cheesecake! The number one thing I bet you’re wondering is… does this taste like regular cheesecake? The answer is YES! I was soo surprised at how similar this tasted to the real deal. The one thing that was a little different was the consistency of this vegan cheesecake. It was not as thick or dense, but rather more like a key lime pie consistency. I would also say it was missing that slight tartness that normal cheesecake has from the sour cream. I didn’t find the cheesecake part to be overly sweet (like the cheesecake cones), but I thought the crust could’ve been slightly less sweet. Would I buy these again? Yes! I still prefer regular cheesecake, but I loved these a lot. It’s $3.99 for 2 of these cheesecakes.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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