Trader Joe’s Pretzel Bagels Reviews

Pretzel Bagels: 6.5/10

🥯SEASONAL🥯 Okay, I’ll be the first to say it, #traderjoes does not have the best bagels in the world. I am a humongous bagel fan and the bread quality of their bagels is just not all that great. My favorite bagel to get when I’m in NYC is a salted pretzel bagel, so I was excited to see how these would compare. They were pretty bland and tasted a little like a pretzel, and while they say they are lightly salted, I did not taste the salt. I would choose this pretzel bagel over TJ’s plain bagels, but there were nothing out of this world amazing. I added the onion and chive cream cheese (review coming soon) on top which made these bagels soo much better, but I would not be eager to buy them again for $2.49.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Pretzel Bagels Reviews”

  1. I tried these anyway despite your review because I love pretzel breads. Agree with you 100% – it’s a decent TJ bagel but the pretzel flavor is just barely there. It’s perfectly fine toasted with some good cream cheese (can add in flavor there) but the lack of pretzel flavor is disappointing.

  2. I love these. I find most of Trader Joe’s bagels to be lacking in flavor, so I get them somewhere else, but I thought these actually tasted like pretzels (unlike most pretzel bread I’ve bought from grocery stores lately). I love to toast this and top it with pub cheese. As long as I see it at my local Trader Joe’s, I’ll continue to buy it.


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