Trader Joe’s Mrs. Bridges Strawberry Preserve Reviews

Mrs. Bridges Strawberry Preserve: 9/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 I am so excited that #traderjoes is now carrying @mrsbridges_usa strawberry jam! This jam tastes exactly like the jam I grew up eating and reminds me of childhood. It is made with bright and beautiful strawberries and even has bits of strawberries mixed throughout as well as the seeds. I love jams where you can really taste just how fresh the fruit is and that’s exactly what you get with this brand new jam! It is just the right amount of sweet from the strawberries and sugar and I loved it on a thick slice of buttery brioche toast or for an air fried PB&J sandwich. My pantry is now stocked so I never run out! I highly recommend picking up a jar for $3.29.

Have you tried this jam yet? What did you think? #ad