Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Latte Bars Reviews

Cold Brew Latte Bars: 7/10

This week I was very excited to pick up the new cold brew boba ice cream, but sadly my store didn’t have it in yet, so I had to settle for these cold brew bars. These bars are essentially cold brew popsicles with small flecks of coffee mixed in throughout. I wasn’t too impressed by these and felt like I very easily could’ve made them at home just by pouring sweetened cold brew and and cream into a popsicle mold. The coffee flavor is a little watered down and a tad bit icy. A follower did recommend licking them rather than biting off chunks to make it seem a little creamier, and I have to say that advice made me like them more. Also, these are only 45 calories per bar, and are a great low calorie treat. It’s $1.99 for 5 bars.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

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  1. I like them but they have a weird thick aftertaste-texture to me…doesn’t stop me though. And yes, canned coconut milk + cold brew concentrate (+ a little extra instant cold cold brew for a stronger flavor) is a delicious diy version.

  2. i got the last the last cold brew boba ice cream at my local trader joe’s! i tried them, the bobas are still chewy and the cold brew coffee isn’t too sweet! 😋looking forward to your review!


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