Trader Joe’s Maple Oat Beverage Reviews

Maple Oat Beverage: 8.5/10

Another fall item hit the shelves at Trader Joe’s! 😍🍁👏🏻 Oat milk is my non dairy beverage of choice and this maple oat beverage is so amazing for fall lattes and overnight oats! It froths up verrry well and has a great amount of maple flavor. I didn’t find it to be too overpowering or too subtle. I would’ve liked it to be even creamier (oatly is my favorite oat milk for creaminess), but it was still amazing! I have found that TJ’s oat milks, while delicious, can taste a little watery, especially the shelf stable ones. This maple oat beverage is great for baking bread puddings or using for French toast batter. It’s also amazing to use to make homemade maple donuts! My favorite flavor 😍 Each quart is $2.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Maple Oat Beverage Reviews”

  1. I just discovered this last week! I love making Maple London Fogs with it! 😋 I grabbed 2 cartons tonight when I saw it expires Dec 9. I’m confused though. It’s sold in the refrigerated section. Is it still shelf stable if refrigerated? Does that mean it’ll last just as long as the date on the box unopened and under fife rated?

  2. I wasn’t impressed by this. 😢 I feel like it didn’t froth as well as my other latte alt milks (elmhurst is the best!!!). It also seems a bit too oily! Rather use the maple butter in my lattes. 🤤


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