Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito Reviews

Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito: 7/10

For being a pre made burrito, this one wasn’t all that bad! These are all the base fillings I would choose in a breakfast burrito if I were making one at home and then I would add more like green chilies. It’s filled with chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, and potatoes and surprisingly wasn’t too bland. Dipping this burrito in salsa made it way better though! The chicken sausage could’ve been crumbled up a little more as the chunks were slightly large, but overall the sausage tasted fresh. Something about premade scrambled eggs doesn’t sit right with me, BUT this burrito would be one of the premade options I would choose if I were in a pinch and needed something quick to eat. I air fried this and it turned out better than past #traderjoes premade items I’ve heated in the microwave or oven. Each burrito is $3.99.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite premade Trader Joe’s item??