Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s Reviews

Joe-Joe’s: 7.5/10

I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to review #traderjoes Joe-Joe’s. I guess it’s because I don’t buy them too often because Oreos have my heart. These chocolate Joe-Joe’s are two chocolate cookies with vanilla bean cream frosting sandwiched in between. They taste almost identical to Oreos but the chocolate cookie is slightly less chocolatey and rich. These Joe-Joe’s are just lacking a little something and need more flavor to them. I much prefer the different varieties of Joe-Joe’s like the Neapolitan and the pumpkin ones around Halloween time. I got these to make salted Joe-Joe ice cream which was absolutely incredible, and enjoyed them enough to finish off the box, but wouldn’t choose these over Oreos. Each box is $2.99.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your favorite Joe-Joe flavor??

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  2. The vanilla bean ones are better than anything Oreo has ever made! But I agree… If I’m going to have the chocolate ones I would just rather go with an Oreo…except for the fact that Oreo has a lot of synthetic ingredients in it were JoJos are “healthier” in that aspect.


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