Trader Joe’s Corn & Green Chile Pepper Quiche Reviews

Corn & Green Chile Pepper Quiche: 8.5/10

🚨NEW PRODUCT🚨 I have never met a quiche that I do not like and this new Trader Joe’s quiche was no exception! It is full of all the good stuff; eggs, roasted green chili peppers, cheese, pieces of corn, and is in a corn tortilla shell. The corn tortilla shell was a really nice, unique touch and was delicious! I did find that it was hard to cut and it did get super crispy around the edges in the oven though. This quiche has amazing, robust flavor and I liked that it was slightly spicy from the green chili peppers and sweet from the corn. It was a wonderful balance! I will definitely add salsa on top of this quiche next time I enjoy it for breakfast. Each quiche is $4.99.

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