Trader Joe’s Nut Butter Bar Mix Reviews

Nut Butter Bar Mix: 7.5/10This nut b...

Nut Butter Bar Mix: 7.5/10

This nut butter bar mix is packed with rolled oats, almond meal, crispy rice meal, and oat bran. The crunch of the crispy rice meal was a nice added touch! It also has canola oil and natural flavors which I could do without. You take the nut butter bar mix and mix it together with your choice of nut butter and honey or maple syrup. I chose to mix mine with almond butter and honey, but I think it be would even better with peanut butter and some mini chocolate chips mixed in. I make energy balls and bars at home a lot, and would say that I prefer my homemade ones more than this mix, but this was a nice alternative and I liked how easy it was. It was $3.49 for the box.

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