Trader Joe’s Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap Reviews

Buffalo Style Chicken Wrap: 3.5/10

I’m always so hesitant to try the pre-made refrigerated items because I’ve found that for me they’re mostly misses. This wrap did not change my mind. I had heard it was new, but it looks like it was just repackaged. This wrap is made up of chicken pieces, celery, Buffalo sauce and comes with a side of blue cheese. The texture of the filling of this wrap was very mushy with pieces of crunchy celery mixed in. The tomato tortilla was the best part and luckily wasn’t too soggy yet like a lot of the wraps I’ve tried before have been. I found the flavor of the sauce to be overly acidic even for a Buffalo sauce. I will not be grabbing this one again and am dying to find a wrap I love because they are such easy grab and go options. Any suggestions? It’s $4.99 for this wrap.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite pre-made wrap?