Trader Joe’s Chomps Original Turkey Stick Reviews

Chomps Original Turkey Stick: 9/10

During Whole30, I ate one turkey @chomps every single day! They are my favorite healthy snack made with incredible, clean ingredients and packed with a good amount of protein. Whenever I pack them in my lunch for work, I get so excited for snack time. This Turkey Chomps is made with free range turkey and seasonings. I love knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body and love that this meat stick is made with ingredients I know and are healthy. Not to mention they are the best tasting meat stick I’ve had! The turkey variety tastes so fresh and flavorful with a little hint of spice. You all know I love spicy foods, and I would even want more spice 🔥 Chomps has three flavors at #traderjoes : Turkey, Beef, and Jalapeño Beef for $1.69 each.

Have you tried Chomps before? What’s your favorite flavor?

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  1. I wish trader joe’s would sell the Italian Chomps beef sticks as its the only AIP autoimmune paleo diet one thats ok. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the AIP diet has brought my RA brain fog and pain and fatigue and exhaustion and flare ups to low to zero. And they have the other Chomp’s flavors so im not sure why they dont do the Italian.


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