Trader Joe’s Baked Cheese Crunchies Reviews

Baked Cheese Crunchies: 7/10

Cheetos are my guilty pleasure. Like when I’m home alone, that’s what I have for dinner. So, I was very interested to see how these compared. As far as the chip goes, these are verrryy similar to Cheetos – the crunch, texture, and slight corn flavor are all very comparable. The reason why I didn’t enjoy these as much as Cheetos is they have a lot less cheese flavoring and tasted a little bland. They are a baked version and meant to be a little better nutritionally, but I was still left wanting more cheese and more flavor. If I’m going to eat cheese crunchies, I want them to be cheesy! A plus side though is these didn’t leave my fingers covered in a layer of orange cheese powder which I appreciated. It’s $1.99 for the bag.

Have you tried these yet? Do you prefer these or Cheetos?