Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese Reviews

Reduced Guilt Mac and Cheese: 8/10

Reduced guilt Mac and cheese or reduced portion size mac and cheese? That’s the real question with this product 😂 After trying almost every type of frozen Mac and cheese at #traderjoes this one tasted almost identical to the original Mac and cheese, but was a smaller portion. These elbow noodles are covered with a sauce of cheddar cheese and non fat milk compared to the original Mac and cheese which has more cheeses mixed in. I could definitely tell that this Mac and cheese was less cheesy, but it still satisfied my craving of my favorite comfort food. I just found myself wishing there was more in the container! This would be best served for me as a side dish to a main meal. If I’m craving Mac and cheese I would probably still go with the original with allll the cheeses! This box is $1.99.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite type of Mac and cheese at Trader Joe’s?