Trader Joe’s Vanilla Mochi Reviews

Vanilla Mochi: 9.5/10I’ve tried almo...

Vanilla Mochi: 9.5/10

I’ve tried almost all of the mochi flavors and every time I post a new one, there’s people that will say that Vanilla is their favorite flavor. I always had a hard time believing this because I expected vanilla to be a little bland and not as exciting as the other flavors, but wow the vanilla mochi is REALLY delicious. The Mochi has an incredible sticky texture and is a great contrast to the creamy vanilla ice cream inside. The ice cream tastes like vanilla bean which is my favorite vanilla ice cream and I would even like specks of vanilla bean added in to make this Mochi even better! This flavor is GF and is tied as my favorite with the chocolate peanut butter. It’s $4.49 for the box.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite mochi flavor?