Trader Joe’s The Power of Seven Purple Organic Juice Reviews

The Power of Seven Purple Organic Juice: 7.5/10

After absolutely loving #traderjoes green juice, I picked up the purple juice to try as well! It’s a blend of pomegranate, tart Cherry, black mulberry, red grape, purple carrot, cranberry, and blueberry juice. Basically all my favorite fruits in one! While this juice was very delicious, it is incredibly sweet. This juice is slightly tart from the cherry, but mostly sweet and reminded me a lot of welch’s grape juice. I enjoyed little sips at a time, but wouldn’t pour myself a glass of this. This juice would be absolutely incredible blended into a smoothie! Each bottle is $3.99.

Have you tried this yet? Which one did you like better: Green or Purple? 🍇🥬

25 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s The Power of Seven Purple Organic Juice Reviews”

  1. Just got home for TJ’s and bought(among other stuff): cranberry chevre, non-organic almond butter to try with fuji apples , purple and green juice (which i am always wary to try), the dark chocolate honey mints, vanilla mochi, and roasted garlic pesto pizza -which is what’s for dinner tonight. Your account has become my grocery checklist 😄

  2. I love them both so much!! But I think I’m going green over purple. The purple juice tastes just like grape juice, the green juice makes me feel like I’m drinking something a little healthier!

  3. I tried this years ago when I worked at TJ’s and LOVED it (I have a sweet tooth) so when I tasted the green one I was expecting it to be sweet and tasty too. Not the case 😂 so I am not a fan of the green but am SOOO excited this is back!


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