Trader Joe’s Vanilla Bean Scones Reviews

Vanilla Bean Scones: 9/10

I just spotted these on the shelves at my #traderjoes but wow oh wow do I wish I would’ve found these earlier! These vanilla bean scones are amazing! When vanilla is done right in products, it is one of my favorite flavors. These scones have flecks of real vanilla bean mixed throughout that give it such a delicious and sweet flavor. The texture of these scones is so nice too. They remind me a lot of the Starbucks vanilla scones, but the TJ’s ones are softer which I enjoy. I do wish there was a touch more icing. I’m used to icing being thicker on scones, but this icing sort of melted into the scone. I’m not complaining though because these were incredible! I will definitely be picking up another package when I’m craving a sweet treat to go along with my morning latte. Each package comes with 4 scones and is $3.99.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?

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  1. I was so disappointed by these. They are not crumbling or flaky. They were dense, gummy and tasted like flour. The icing had a nice vanilla flavor but couldn’t redeem them. 3/10 at best 😬


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