Trader Joe’s Thai Tea Mochi Reviews

Thai Tea Mochi: 8.5/10

These mini Thai Tea Mochi bites are absolutely delicious! The creamy Thai tea ice cream inside tastes exactly like a Thai tea you’d order at your favorite Thai restaurant. The Mochi exterior is perfectly chewy without being overly sticky. Thai tea is one of my favorite drinks, so I was very happy that these had a very authentic flavor to them. Another bonus! A serving size is 6 Mochi bites! Each box is $3.49.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

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  1. I had the mango or strawberry one I can’t remember and didn’t like it… tasted like sherbert bites and not true mochi. They tasted fine, just felt like I got hosed out of mochi. I like their bigger mochi better as well.


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