Trader Joe’s Sweet Corn Burrata & Basil Ravioli Reviews

Sweet Corn, Burrata & Basil Ravioli: 7.5/10

This ravioli gets a lot of hype, but it is truthfully not my very favorite ravioli has to offer. That’s not saying it’s not good, it’s just not as flavorful as I think it could be. It is stuffed with burrata, sweet corn pieces, and basil. But, I did not taste the basil as much as I would’ve liked in this ravioli. Burrata is a nice, mild, creamy cheese that pairs well with the sweet corn without being too overpowering. I almost wish that the cheese was more flavorful and feel like the most prominent flavor comes from the whole pieces of sweet corn inside. While this pasta was good, and I would buy again for a light summer dinner, it’s not my favorite ravioli at Trader Joe’s. I always review products as is without adding anything on top first, and felt like ravioli alone was definitely scoring in the 7’s. I cooked it up with a nice browned butter garlic sauce and added some extra fresh basil and burrata and that definitely made it more delicious. Each pack is $3.69 and make sure to cook on a low boil so as not to have any raviolis fill with water.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite #Traderjoes ravioli?