Trader Joe’s Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Reviews

Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: 8/10

This ice cream is one of those items that I’ve stared at and passed up almost every time I’ve been to #traderjoes so with the weather warming back up, I figured it’s time to try out more of the ice cream section starting with this one! It’s a soy based cherry ice cream with big chunks of cherries and chocolate chips. The cherries were dark pitted cherries and tasted a lot like maraschino. The best part of this ice cream for me was the big chocolate chunks which added a great bite to the creamy ice cream. I love chocolate and cherry combined! This definitely has a soy taste to it, which I love, but if you know you don’t like soy you may want to avoid and choose another vegan ice cream option. It’s $3.99 for the carton. Now, I’m just patiently waiting for Ube ice cream to come back! Anyone know when it’s returning?

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favorite ice cream at Trader Joe’s?