Trader Joe’s Scallion Pancakes Reviews

Scallion Pancakes: 7/10

I am known to order Chinese food just to add a large side of scallion pancakes to the meal! I love them that much! These Korean scallion pancakes are a doughy flatbread with oil, onion, carrots, and scallions mixed in. I wish there were more scallions than carrots in these pancakes as I felt like the carrots were a little overpowering. Takeout scallion pancakes I’ve had are better than these as they are more doughy and are not shorted on the scallions. Also! I wish these pancakes were less oily. I felt like they were almost wet with how much oil was on them. I dipped these in both soy sauce and the gyoza dipping sauce and enjoyed them both ways. While I liked these fine enough, I prefer Chinese scallion pancakes because they have less added vegetables and usually just scallions. Each bag is $3.49.

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