Trader Joe’s Pink and Whites Reviews

Pink and Whites: 8/10

Spring has officially sprung and these pink and whites could not be a more beautiful treat for the season! 🌸 The remind me a lot of the pink and white animal cookies I would eat as a kid and taste very similar, but even better. Each cookie is a shortbread cookie coated in a yogurt frosting and sprinkles. The coloring of the frosting comes from fruits and vegetables which is awesome. These are a very sweet treat, and personally, I prefer the chocolate mint shortbread cookies to these yogurt covered ones, but these pink and whites are delicious nonetheless. I love picking these up to make my Pink and White Cake Pops from Cooking Through Trader Joe’s Cookbook. Each box is $2.99.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like these or the chocolate shortbread cookies better?

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