Trader Joe’s Pecan Kringle Reviews

Pecan Kringle: 10/10

Each season #traderjoes brings in a new Kringle flavor, and this season it’s Pecan! Kringles are flaky, buttery Danish pastry rings filled with delicious different flavor filling and icing on top. This flavor has filling that tastes just like pecan pie! It is literal heaven. The filling is made up of lots of brown sugar and pecan chunks sandwiched between the buttery flaky layers. With warm icing on top, this is like pecan pie x1000! I always put my Kringle in the freezer when I bring one home, then cut off little slices to microwave when I’m craving it! Which is always haha. They usually only last 1-2 days in our house! You can also air fry a slice for a delicious treat. Each Kringle is $7.99.

Have you tried Kringle before? What’s your FAVORITE Kringle flavor?

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