Trader Joe’s Gummy X’s and O’s Reviews

Gummy X’s and O’s: 9.5/10

You all know I’m obsessed with #traderjoes Scandinavian swimmers! These X’s and O’s are the same type of gummy as the swimmers, just in delicious red, pink, and white Valentine’s Day flavors. The red flavor is the traditional berry flavor that is in all the bags (I wish the red would’ve been something more unique like raspberry since we’ve seen so much of the berry already!), the pink is strawberry and tastes almost like strawberry cream, and the white is grapefruit. Yum! The texture of these gummies is soft, but has an amazing amount of chew to them without being the slightest bit hard. I hope that Trader Joe’s starts putting flavors on their bags and changes up the red flavor from bag to bag, but these are still phenomenal and I have to limit myself to one bag a year because I will devour too many! Each bag is $2.99 and they are vegan.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your favorite Scandinavian gummy flavor?

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