Trader Joe’s Organic Pesto Tortellini Reviews

Organic Pesto Tortellini: 4/10

I wanted to love this pesto tortellini so bad. Growing up, cheese filled tortellini with pesto was a meal I looked forward to every time we had it for dinner. This #traderjoes pesto tortellini was lacking some serious flavor. The pesto almost tasted like nothing and there was not nearly enough to give it that basil and cheese flavor that I love so much from pesto sauce. The cheese inside the tortellini was also almost nonexistent in flavor. I only ended up taking a few bites of this before deciding it wasn’t worth the calories. The pasta itself had good texture for being a frozen meal, but I couldn’t get over the lack of flavor throughout the whole dish. Each box is $3.49.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?