Trader Joe’s Cranberry Orange Tea Scones Reviews

Cranberry Orange Tea Scones: 7.5/10

After absolutely loving the #traderjoes Vanilla Bean Scones, I was hoping these cranberry orange ones would be just as spectacular! While they were good, they didn’t compare to the unreal deliciousness of the vanilla ones. Scones are supposed to be dry, but I felt like these cranberry orange scones were a touch too dry. The flavor of them was a very subtle orange flavor with dried cranberries mixed throughout which I enjoyed. There definitely could’ve been more icing on top though! This would’ve helped with the slight dryness. I enjoyed the orange cranberry flavor combo and the slivered almonds added a nice texture to these scones. I would eat one and enjoy it if I were served it, but I would pick the vanilla bean scones over these personally. Each bag of 6 scones is $3.99.

Have you tried these yet? Which did you like better: Cranberry Orange or Vanilla Bean Scones?

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