Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Almond Butter Reviews

Organic Creamy Almond Butter: 7.5/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 Personally, for most items, I do not have a preference if it’s organic or not. I mostly buy non organic just because it’s cheaper haha. So when #traderjoes came out with this brand new organic almond butter (for $7.99) I thought to myself this better be pretty special. After taste testing both the organic no salt almond butter and the non organic no salt almond butter, the main difference (besides price) is that this organic almond butter is sweeter. I definitely preferred the more earthy and nutty taste of the non organic. This organic almond butter is thinner and easier to drizzle on top of apple nachos. While I enjoy all almond butters, I will be sticking to non organic because you get a larger jar of almond butter for cheaper. This jar is 12 oz for $7.99.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

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  1. Here’s the thing, almonds are a tree nut so really no need to purchase organic. It’s just overpriced and not any healthier. Google the dirty dozen foods to see the items that are important to purchase organic. I bought this just because people were raving about it and it was good but I will stick to the non-organic almond butter in the future.


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