Trader Joe’s Montezuma’s 100% Dark Chocolate Reviews

Montezuma’s 100% Dark Chocolate: 2/10

I tried a bite, and spat it out. This chocolate tastes like a salty crayon in my opinion. It is extremely bitter and does not have a hint of sweetness to it because it is 100% cocoa solids. Each to their own, but this is not a chocolate bar I’ll buy again. It is $2.69.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Montezuma’s 100% Dark Chocolate Reviews”

  1. @traderjoesfoodreviews I got thinking it would be good, because I love dark chocolate. But it was disgusting. I was using it to trick people in to trying in and watching them spit it out haha.

  2. I’m a dark chocolate lover. I will do Taza. I will go 92%…this bar was so disappointing. I tasted no sea salt. I have even done 100 percent. This was way off the mark. Agreed!!!

  3. I love this chocolate, but that’s because I love 100% cacao and I was so happy to find it at TJ’s. And this brand tastes the least chalky/crayon-ish out of a lot of 100% dark chocolates out there. I was so surprised how creamy and smooth this one was! 😋 But I can understand how ppl wouldn’t like it… my husband said it tasted like earth! 🤣😂


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