Trader Joe’s Honey baguette Reviews

Honey baguette: 7/10

This artisan #baguette has a wheaty flavor with a mild, #honey sweetness. You can tell that honey was used in the #baking process, but is not overwhelming by any means. It has a crispy, golden brown crust with a chewy and soft interior. I dipped this baguette in my #shakshuka this morning and it was delicious! It would also be amazing with a salted honey #butter melted on top or used for grilled cheese. While it was delicious, I prefer my baguettes to be a little less wheaty flavor. It is $1.79.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

18 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Honey baguette Reviews”

  1. @traderjoesfoodreviews I don’t see yeast in the ingredients! Please confirm! I am a tried and true TJ shopper, but can’t eat bread due to a baker’s yeast allergy, causing anaphylaxis. Please confirm. Would love to try❣️♥️🔥🤩

  2. Whhhhhhhhhhhy didn’t I listen to yoooooooou 😫 I bought it because well… bread + honey and then shopping before dinner. This was not yummy to me at all plain 😫 super wheaty and tough. I’ll def try with avocado or as grilled cheese 😬


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