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Trader Joe’s Mini Brie En Croute Reviews

Mini Brie En Croute: 9/10I have gott...

Mini Brie En Croute: 9/10

I have gotten lots of DMs this year asking about what appetizers I would recommend from #traderjoes especially with everyone having small holiday celebrations with just their household. Brie is one of my favorite cheeses and it is delicious in these mini Brie en croute appetizers. Each puff pastry is filled with creme Brie that has a rich and buttery taste. The Brie melts wonderfully inside of each flaky, crispy shell and I found myself wishing for a thicker slice of Brie with maybe even the rind included. These Brie en croutes would be PERFECT if they came with a sweet dipping sauce. We air fried them and put a dollop of raspberry jam on top of ours and loved them even more. Each box comes with 10 and is $4.99.

Have you tried these yet? What is your all time favorite Trader Joe’s appetizer?