Trader Joe’s Mini Brie Bites Reviews

Mini Brie Bites: 9/10

Not only are these tiny Brie bites so adorable, they are incredibly delicious too! Each bag of mini Brie bites comes with 5 little rounds and these make an amazing snack. I love recreating the Starbucks snack box with these! This Brie is not as creamy and soft as the triple cream Brie, but still has that delicious, creamy flavor that Brie is known for. I personally love the extra flavor the rind gives to Brie, but if you don’t, be aware that these come with the rind on. The rind gives the creamy Brie a little bit more of a strong, bolder taste. Since this Brie is a little firmer than the triple creme, it is more mild. I prefer my Brie a tad bit stronger, but still buy these bites often for cheese boards and picnics. Each bag is $4.49.

Have you tried this Brie yet? What did you think?

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