Trader Joe’s Key Lime Tea Cookies Reviews

Key Lime Tea Cookies: 4/10

✨Seasonal✨ I love fresh key lime pie and typically key lime flavored food, but something about these tea cookies was not my favorite. They are cute and bite sized just like the Ube Tea Cookies, but I found the key lime flavor here to taste artificial and way too tart. These cookies tasted a little sour and overly sweet at the same time. The crunchy shortbread cookie itself was pretty good and I enjoyed the powdered sugar they were covered with, but I wish the key lime flavor tasted more fresh. The texture and powdered sugar reminded me of a wedding cookie! If these were soft and chewy key lime cookies with icing on top they would have more potential to taste like real key lime. I think these would be better with tea to tone down the bold lime flavor. Each box is $3.99.

Everyone seems to have mixed feelings about these! Do you love them or are you not a fan?

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  1. I love these. To be fair, I haven’t bought them in a year, but, I loved them. They have the tart and sweet and there is also a hint of salt on them so it really balanced the flavors for me. I will have to try to get a box this season and see if they are the same.

  2. My husband and I just got these and tried them. We found them perfectly crunchy, not dry. Artificial lime, yes, but the perfect amount and tart to sugar ratio was delicious.
    Thanks for your review though!!


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