Trader Joe’sKey Lime Pie Reviews

Key Lime Pie: 8/10

This #keylimepie is a frozen dessert with a custardy key lime filling and a graham cracker crust. It takes 2 hours to thaw in the refrigerator and serves 4. It was smaller than I expected! I thought it was a great balance of sweet with the tartness of the key lime shining through. Some may call the lime flavor zangy! Overall it was a solid frozen pie and thawed out very well. I would buy this again for a summer bbq dessert, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a special dessert overall. While it was delicious, there was a little bit of a wow factor missing for me. It is $5.49.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’sKey Lime Pie Reviews”

  1. ❤️Love-love, Love this! I look forward to this season, so that I may shop for my favorite seasonal dessert at TraderJoes. It’s the perfect taste for my taste buds to scream Key lime Pie ✔ off my list.

  2. 🧐…🤤10/10 • This pie never made it to the freezer, lol😬”Zangy” fits.✅I added whipped cream and warm caramel sauce♨️ (@momsorganicmarket) for a little razzle dazzle. Pissed that they were sold out yesterday!😭💔✊🏽


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