Trader Joe’s I Dream of Chocolate Cake Reviews.

I Dream of Chocolate Cake: 9/10

If you are a chocolate lover, you seriously will be dreaming of this chocolate cake like the name says! It is an extreme chocolate lover’s dessert of choice! This cake is found in the freezer section and is a layered chocolate cake with creamy chocolate inside, topped with these delicious chocolate cubes that are also creamy, and MORE chocolate! Wow that’s a lot of chocolate! Each bite was soo decadent and smooth. This cake was almost toooo rich for me to choose it as my dessert of choice, but I paired it with raspberries to cut through the richness and loved the flavor combo! This would be an incredible Valentine’s Day dessert to share with your hunny if we are still quarantined in February 😂 Each box is $6.99 and has 6 servings inside.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?