Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp Reviews

Honey Walnut Shrimp: 6.5/10

First off, I would call this a sweet pineapple shrimp. That’s more of what the sauce tasted like! When cooked, the batter of the shrimp is crispy on the outside, and easily gets too soggy on the inside. The shrimp itself was a little more on the tough side as well. While this dish wasn’t horrible, it is not worth the $6.99.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp Reviews”

  1. So I eat a serving at a time. And I was wondering how would I store the sauce If I’m not using all of it at one time?? Sorry literally just made an insta for Trader Joe’s posts lol

  2. Thats what I thought too it should be called pineapple walnut shrimp. I thought it was weird tasting so I kept it to eat the next day surprisingly it tastes much better but not something I would always put on my list. Better made from scratch.

  3. I made this and spent 10 mins looking for this review, I saw it a long time ago and forgot. Then the new Trader Joe’s down the street opened and I’ve been trying everything. This was weird, the shrimp was hard and ok with just the breaded shrimp alone. That sauce however was disgusting,tasted like cream cheese frosting. It was sour and thick and disgusting, coated the shrimp like frosting and I couldn’t even finish it. Nothing like Panda Express or panda inn restaurants smh beware


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