Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese Reviews

Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese: 8/10

This Mac and cheese is thick and creamy and the Chiles are a very nice touch mixed in. It is verrrry mild spice wise. While this is a frozen meal, it isn’t super quick to make. You can microwave it, but I much prefer to bake it in the over for the full 30 or so minutes. While it bakes, I recommend sautéing up some chicken sausage to mix in. Such a great, filling meal!

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese Reviews”

  1. We love it at our house! Always nuke it for 6 minutes and it comes out great. The chile adds a warm flavor, but is very mild. Add jalapeño Tabasco sauce to your serving for extra spice. It’s a staple for us. 😃

  2. Super caloric and not tasty. I dont buy into boxed mac and cheese. Pasta is easy to boil up, then you make white sause( saute some flour in butter with s+p, some hot sauce, milk add cheese and voila!


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