Trader Joe’s Gummy Berries Reviews

Gummy Berries: 7.5/10

When I saw these grapes at #traderjoes I was SO excited to try! They taste very similar to normal grapes and are just a little chewier and slightly sweeter. I think that’s why they were named after gummy bears. They tasted like lychee to me, but nothing out of this world flavor wise. I love grapes (especially frozen) and snack on them all summer long, but these #gummyberries were just good, not spectacular in terms of uniqueness. #cottoncandygrapes are on a whole different LEVEL of amazing, and I buy multiple packages every time I see them. These, I wouldn’t rush to the store to buy again, but I still enjoyed them. They are $6.99.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like the cotton candy grapes?

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  1. They taste like regular grapes. I was so excited to try my $7 grapes. Cotton candy grapes are awesome. These, major disappointment. Should have bought the $4 cheaper bag that come with more too. Lol.


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