Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas Reviews

Gone Bananas: 10/10

Chocolate and banana are one of my all time favorite flavor combos! These Gone Bananas from #traderjoes are easily one of my top desserts from the freezer case. The bananas are frozen at peak ripeness and are perfectly sweet on their own. After being dipped in dark chocolate, the frozen chocolate balances out the sweetness and makes for a perfect bite every time! 4 pieces is 100 calories and is an amazing after dinner treat. I will say, if you have sensitive teeth like me, you may want to let them sit out for a bit before eating! I’ve made chocolate covered frozen bananas on my own before, but nothing ever compares to the deliciousness and convenience of these from TJ’s. Each box is $1.99.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like the Chocolate covered bananas better or the strawberries? 🍌🍓🍫