Trader Joe’s Fruity Chewy Candy Reviews

Fruity Chewy Candy: 8/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 I love when #traderjoes comes out with bright and tasty new items just in time for springtime! I Starburst are delicious, so I was interested to see if these were better or worse. Even though cane sugar and corn syrup are the first two ingredients, I felt like they weren’t as sweet as Starburst which I liked. Starbursts, however, are more flavor packed and “juicy” than these. The lemon was my least favorite out of the bunch and tasted a little like medicine. The raspberry, cherry, orange, and strawberry were all quite tasty and sweet but I still prefer Starburst. Something to note: the wrapper was pretty hard to get off each candy because of how sticky they were and it took quite a while to get them unwrapped. It’s $3.29 for this candy.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Fruity Chewy Candy Reviews”

  1. I loved how fruity they were. I could smell it when I opened the package. I also like that they were a little softer! Makes them feel more natural to me idk why 🤣 the lemon ground away my taste buds for a day though I was sucking on it too long I think 🤔

  2. I was not a fan! Just bought them today. Had a very weird almost gritty texture once they softened and like a vitamin/medicine after taste. I ate 2 in the car… threw them away on my way In from the car.


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