Trader Joe’s French Roast Cold Brew Concentrate Reviews

French Roast Cold Brew Concentrate: 9/10

This cold brew concentrate is such an easy and convenient way to make delicious cold brew at home. This concentrate tastes just like my favorite coffee from a café! It has a very strong and bold coffee taste while still tasting smooth and not overly bitter. It has almost a smoky sweet taste to it just like other French roast I’ve had before. When I make this cold brew, I like to mix one part concentrate with two parts water and then top it off with a little bit of creamer or a splash of oat milk to give it a creamy taste. Since this is a concentrate, a little goes a long way and it gives me great energy to start my day. Just make sure you mix it with some thing and don’t drink it straight 😂 The coconut cold brew concentrate is still my number one, but I love that this French roast is available year-round. Each bottle is $9.99 and makes about 12 cups of coffee.

Have you tried this yet? Which do you prefer: French Roast or Coconut Cold Brew?

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