Trader Joe’s Double Chocolate Almond Flour Cookies Reviews

Double Chocolate Almond Flour Cookies: 6/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 I’m a firm believer that GF products should not be any less tasty than non GF products. If I’m going to treat myself to a cookie, I want it to be nothing less than delicious! These brand new double chocolate almond flour cookies sound like they will be incredible based on their name, but have an odd, almost grainy texture. They are also fairly dry and crumbly which isn’t my first choice for a cookie texture. The almond flour taste gave this dessert a pretty good nutty flavor, but I found these cookies to be weirdly overly salty, which I wasn’t expecting. That being said, the extra chocolate chips in these cookies really helped out their score and the overall chocolate flavor was pretty good. I also enjoyed the slivers of almonds mixed through, I just wish the overall cookie texture and taste was better. It’s $3.99 for the box.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your favorite gluten free baked good?