Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Half Coated Rice Cake Thins Reviews

Dark Chocolate Half Coated Rice Cake Thins: 8/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 Rice cakes are usually not my first choice of snack. When I think of them I think of a dry, healthy food that never really satisfies my craving. So I didn’t have extremely high hopes for these brand new dark chocolate half coated rice cake thins. However, I was pleasantly surprised by these! The rice cake is so thin so it really doesn’t have much room to be too dry and is airy and slightly crunchy. The thin layer of dark chocolate adds a great little bit of sweetness and melts in your mouth. I usually prefer milk chocolate in treats, but felt like the dark chocolate complimented the hearty, grainy flavor of the rice. Out of all the shelves of chocolate treats, this wouldn’t be my first choice, but I really enjoyed it a lot and would pick it up again for a little switch up from my usual peanut butter cups! Each package is $1.99.

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  1. I didn’t think these were that great because it just taste like I’m eating two different things at once but I just tried it while dipping it in yogurt and it was so much better so now I’m thinking if I put some peanut butter or jelly/jam on it, it would totally make it a 10/10


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