Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hummus Reviews

Chocolate Hummus: 7/10

If you’ve never tried chocolate hummus, it’s not as scary as it sounds and is actually pretty tasty! This hummus is made from chickpeas, sugar, cocoa, oil, salt, and tahini. It’s mostly smooth and creamy, but I found that it was a tad gritty and could’ve been blended a little better. I expected it to taste like a fudgy brownie batter, but it was not as sweet as that. The chickpeas definitely balance out all the sugar making this hummus taste slightly like cocoa, but not like a chocolate bar. On its own, it was pretty good, but nothing absolutely incredible. However, dipping apples in this hummus made it taste just like a fudge dip! It’s also great on rice cakes with pomegranate seeds, on top of a bagel with sliced bananas, or as a dip for any fruit. This was fun to try and is only $1.99 a tub.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

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  1. To me I felt like this was legit all chocolate and made me wonder what percentage of chickpea was it to chocolate. It made me feel super guilty eating it. So as much as I enjoy it, I’d probably only get it if I were looking for a healthier alternative to a chocolate dipping sauce thing. If not, I’ll stick to hummus since hummus is probably healthier than this. If someone is scared to try hummus, then this is probably a great introduction to it.


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