Trader Joe’s Blood Orange Cake Mix Reviews

Blood Orange Cake Mix: 6/10

🚨NEW ITEM🚨 Blood oranges are a little more tart than regular oranges, and I definitely tasted the bite in this cake and icing. The cake itself had a good texture and was dense and moist with a slight orange flavor. I liked the cake part the best! The frosting, however, tasted weirdly artificial and like an orange smartie candy mixed with an orange creamsicle. Sounds like it should be good, but there was such a weird flavor to it that I cannot put my finger on. When I was mixing the batter and icing, it seriously smelled like rotten onions and I got bits of that taste at different times when I retried the cake! So bizarre! I don’t think I’ll be buying this cake mix again, but if I do, I would make a homemade blood orange icing to go on top. My family, however, loved this cake. Each box is $3.69.

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