Trader Joe’s Almond Nog Reviews

Almond Nog: 8/10

Egg Nog is one of those beverages that I always want to LOVE because it looks so festive, creamy, and delicious, but I just never have. I was a little nervous to try this almond nog thinking it would have the same strong taste as Egg Nog, but I was so pleasantly surprised! The first thing I loved about this almond nog were the ingredients and that there were no raw eggs in it. It has a nice smooth consistency and is fairly mild which I much preferred. I made a delicious almond nog whipped coffee that was decadent and delicious! This almond nog also made a great coffee creamer or was great on its own with a side of leftover Christmas cookies. Each quart is $2.99.

Have you tried it yet? What’s your favorite holiday beverage?

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  1. Totally agree!! I never find myself liking egg nog (even thought I really want to) but this was the perfect alternative (loved the ingredients) and tasted good!! We added a lil cinnamon on top ☺️


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