Trader Joe’s Almond Croissants Reviews

Almond Croissants: 8.5/10

After trying and reviewing the chocolate croissants and giving them a 10/10, I had to post how the almond croissants compared! These almond croissants are buttery and flaky, and I found that I preferred them cooked for no longer than 20 minutes because they got a little too crispy for my liking after that. The almond paste filling was absolutely delicious and tasted strongly of almond extract which I loved. The tops of these croissants had slivered almonds on top which added a unique texture to the fluffy croissants. Here’s a major critique I have of these: almost ALL the delicious almond filling leaked out of all 4 croissants while baking leaving next to no almond flavor left inside. I remember this happened the last time I baked these croissants as well. Anyone else have this problem? If these had even more filling inside that didn’t leak out, they would be bumped up even higher in score. For now, the chocolate croissants are the winner for me 😍 Each box of 4 almond croissants is $4.79.

Have you tried these yet? Did you like the Almond Croissants or Chocolate Croissants better?